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Using Digital Media Tools to Communicate with Your Clients

Digital media tools give us the opportunity to connect with our audience with much less friction than ever before. The growing use of Social Media tools in our daily lives creates a revolution in the way we communicate, share and consume information. It also creates an urgent need for change in marketing. Traditional marketing techniques lose effectiveness and the connection between people to people gains importance at increasing speed. Disruptive advertising, even when its used on the new platforms is losing out to peer recommendations.

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“Over the last couple of years I have enjoyed Frithjof’s helpful hints about the effective use of Social Media tools and was constantly impressed with his ability to create effective and engaging communication content. For this year’s re-election campaign I asked him to help with my digital media strategy and execution. (more…)

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Frithjof over the last year. Frithjof has used the boardroom in our facility to conduct many informative sessions for individuals from many types of businesses. (more…)

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As our architectural firm (Architecturally Distinct Solutions Inc.) waded into the exciting world of social media, we realized we were unfamiliar with the processes and work required to best represent our company in these new forums. (more…)

Matt Johnston

I met Frithjof through Twitter. He lives and breathes Social Media. I’ve been impressed with his consistent enthusiasm for the space.

He’s now a good friend and collaborator – As with many of the people I’ve met through Social Media.

I have a strong belief in his abilities and his work ethic. Great guy, but if you’re reading this, you’ve possibly figured that out by now. Two thumbs up.


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