4 Tools to Present Information from the Digital Stream

Just before the end of this exciting year I remembered two of the most publicized predictions about new developments in digital media:

Video and Data Curation tools are going to make big waves in 2011

While video certainly continues to gain importance on web sites, blogs and Social Media I don’t see anything you would call an amazing game changer.

However I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of my favourite data aggregation and curation tools.

I believe that we are indeed overwhelmed, but we are not distracted. We are in fact focused. Let me restate that last sentence. We are focused, against a different standard than that of five years ago, on what is important to us. ~Brian Solis (The State of the Blogosphere 2011)

We often struggle to keep track of the bits of information we find along the way. In the true spirit of Social Media we want to share the knowledge with as many others as we can. Sometimes we simply want to find these data bits at a later date.


One of the easiest way to create an informative and pleasant collection of links, pictures and videos shared by your Network on Twitter is Paper.li

Tweet4Ok Paper li Data curation

Paper.li automatically creates the paper out of the posts of the twitter accounts I follow and aggregates them into a pleasing format. I can define twitter lists as contributors and #hashtags to focus the topics. I can brand the paper so it is consistent with my other sites and I can add a little editors note. My Paper.li comes out daily and automatically tweets out a note, thanking some of the contributors.


Currently my favourite way to display my own tweets and re-tweets is Twylah

Twylah aggregates my tweetsTwylah is still in beta but most people have no problem getting in. The Twylah team is also working hard on creating a Facebook app so I can show my Twitter summary on my Facebook Page. I can highlight 3 topics and I can specify some I don’t want to display. Twylah also has a “power-tweet” function that sends my followers to a custom landing page. A cool tool ideally suited to show your content even to those persistent twitter-haters :-)


I read a lot of blogs. Most of them I find on Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook but sometimes I just want to read blogs and I need to the ones appropriate the topic I am interested in. Here is where Scoop.it really comes in handy

Scoopit helps me aggregate and curate blogsScoopit suggests blog posts Data sources to me that I have specified by keyword. I can read the blogs and if i like a post or want to add it to a reading list I can “scoop-it” and it gets displayed in a present magazine format. I can follow other scoopers’ collection and share my scoops with my followers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Scoopit now has a handy iPhone app that lets me curate on the go as well as a handy widget for my blog page.


Locally we suffer a painful lack of unbiased, neutral media in our City. An established community web site has found an answer to this by aggregating and displaying the twitter feed as a raw news source.

WelcometoKelowna.com aggregates NEws from TwitterI am very excited about this new offer in Kelowna! As discussed in my recent blog post “Is Social Media a News Network” The existing technology and social networking revolution give us the tools to become our own news editor. I don’t have to trust an anonymous news editor or Journalist with sorting the news for me anymore. Displaying the Twitter stream is the fastest way to the freshest news – after all it’s where traditional news media finds their stories these days.

What are your favourite tools to display your streams?

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