Infographic about Social Media survey

Social Media Retail Clients Expect More

Last week I told you about this Survey Kyle Parrotta conducted for a research paper he is working on.

He shared his results with me and we discovered an interesting trend. It’s not really surprising that more and more retail customers use Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What surprises me is the fact that more people expect product information on Social Media than contests.

Are you giving your Customers enough information?

Infographic about the use of Social Media in Retail

Frithjof is the founder of Tweet4Ok. He helps businesses, organizations and individuals use Social Media Tools more effectively. He knows that we can use Social Media tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and the many others for marketing but the real power of these tools is the ability to create powerful Social Networks.

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3 Responses to “Social Media Retail Clients Expect More”

  1. interesting Thank you

  2. It’s not surprising that promotions (free samples, coupons, etc) are a prime driving force to what people are expecting. I am also not surprised that Facebook is the number one social media source, either. It’s good to have that confirmed though.

    • Very true Alicia!
      I was surprised though that so many expected more than just free stuff. Product information and endorsements ranked fairly high

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