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Social Capital or 24 Ways To Help Your Friends Online

I’m not sure if we can create attention-savings-accounts but we can certainly enjoy spending the attention currency. We can learn to spend it wisely and we can choose consciously where we spend it! How about spending it on your friends, your favourite causes or even your favourite brands?

Let’s explore some ways to use your Social Capital

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Week 4 My Favourite Blog Posts

Every week I curate my favourite blog posts and share them here. Please feel free to add, suggest and vote!

I love discovering great new content and re-visiting the great stuff I find every day. Some posts are just true, brilliantly written and excellent resources.

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My Favourite Blog Posts In Week 03 of 2013

Two things stick out to me when I look at the eclectic (or is it confused?) collection of great content:

The blog post by Cathryn sharing the awesome “Stupid Ways To Die” campaign had a great impact on me
Video – in contrast to meeting my new blind friends last week, video is becoming more important to me in 2013

To succeed i the business of the future.... Brian Solis Quote

The Revolution of the Connected Consumer

While I get a lot of satisfaction out of teaching you how to use the tools I hope you understand that we are talking about more than just a new “nice to have” in your marketing toolbox.

The goal of this post is to motivate you to watch this 11minute video of a TEDx Persidio talk by Brian Solis. I know that my saying it is important to watch is not going to be enough, so I’ll transcribe a few key quotes below the video.

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